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Tamarillo FAQ

Ripening off the tree
Three years ago we bought the above plant. Last year we had over 80 beautiful fruits This year the tree again had many fruits formed to a large size.
We returned after a 10 day break to find that a branch with over 21 large fruit had fallen to the ground.
Will the fruit ripen if left on the branch, or do we remove the fruit and place in a warm spot ?.
Other options could be to make it into a chutney ? Do you have a recipe if this is what you recommend
We live in the Manawatu area, which is not known for its sunshine.
I thought may like to know that I have salvaged the fallen Tamarillos.
The broken branch was left in a small garage hanging upside down. The fruit slowly softened then turned yellow, it was at this time they were picked and placed in a plastic bag and left in the airing cupboard.
After about 2 weeks they started to wrinkle.
They were then blanched peeled and cooked. We had in the meantime bought fully ripe fruit from the supermarket, and cooked them, by the same method. I cannot tell the difference.

To my knowledge the fruit do not ripen off the tree. I am sorry but you have lost these fruit. We do have a chutney recipe but this uses ripe fruit. I have attached this.


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