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Incredible Edibles FAQ

Where can I buy your plants?

At a local garden retailer near you, if they do not have the plant available get them to order one in for you.

Hello, just want to know if your plants are GE free, and organically grown.

Our plants are not Genetically Modified. They are not organic; on our scale this is not viable.

Erosion Control
I have been thinking about planting fig trees in a reasonably steep gully which could be prone to slipping as an alternative to some of the more normal "erosion control" trees. I am thinking of its root system.
Is this a viable idea? What varieties would best suit (North Auckland)? If it is not a sensible idea, can you suggest a tree crop or root stock for a tree crop that might fit the need to hold the hill together?
I look forward to hearing from you.

I have looked in the book we call our bible and come up with the following trees (that we grow) that have a good root system including a tap root.
Pine Nut
I couldn't find out what the root system is like for these two but I think that could be quite good.
Ice Cream Bean
Japanese Raisin Tree
Figs have a shallow root system so are not ideal for erosion control.

Maritime and windy
Hi, I'm planning a garden at New Brighton beach Christchurch. Its right on the beach and windy.
What edible plants can I grow ?

I wonder how cold you get there.
The following plants are suited to maritime conditions but not necessary windy conditions so if you are able to protect these plants while young they could be alright.
Chilean Guava
Pine Nut

The next few properly need warmer conditions than what you will get.
Inga Bean

If in your garden you have other plants that are big enough to give protection you may be able to grow berryfruit, blueberries and guavas. Have a look to see what your neighbours are growing.

Water logged areas
We are looking for edible plants that like very damp, wet or boggy areas. Please can you advise what might be suitable for these conditions?

The only plant that will tolerate wet soils is cranberry. The following plants will tolerate periods of water logging but not all the time.
Inga Bean
Yellow Guava


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