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Berryfruit - Hybridberry FAQ

I have grown these three varieties in pots for the last 3 years, this year berry delight and brulee have not even flowered, blackberry had some flowers and tiny fruit, all pruned late winter and feed and watered well. Not a lot of new growth at all, and in relatively sheltered spots close to each other. What am I missing here, I would prefer them to be in pots due to their spreadable root nature. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The Berry Delight and Blackberry Black Satin are beside each other, watered every 2nd-3rd day, have morning-early afternoon sun, sheltered, I have feed with both Tui Strawb food and also Flower and fruit and early spring put nitrophoska blue around the drip line. Pruned in late winter early spring.
The Boysenberry Brulee is situated in afternoon-early evening sun, relatively protected from wind, has not flowered, pruned late winter early spring, fed also with Strawb food and flower and fruit and nitrophoska blue in spring round drip line. Watered same time as others.
Apart from white fly I have not seen any other bugs munching at them, the blackberry is now changing colour but the fruit is quite small and very few.
Your expertise is appreciated.

Are there any signs of disease or pests on your plants? Can you send photos? How much and what are you feeding your plants? No problem growing in pots as we have the same and for at least the same length of time. I think you are being too kind to your plants - too much food! I wonder if this has resulted in vegetative growth than flower and fruit growth. I would apply only one of your fertilisers in spring - say flower and fruit fertiliser. You have damage from mites on the leaves, chewing from caterpillars but this would not stop the flowers and fruit forming. There are signs of botrytis and dry berry which can attack the flowers and therefore no fruit formed. This is to do with the weather we have experienced this season. My would suggest you cut back on feed for spring. Prune back in winter and burn all pruned and waste material.

Hi We have 2 Marahau berry plants these are 2 yrs old growing well the berry started off well but now they seem to be shrivelling up can you advise us of the reasons this could be happening.
The plants are grown in Christchurch loam in the ground sheltered from the prevailing easterly wind. The soil is dry however they have been watered and the plants are two years old and feed with citrus fertiliser. I sprayed them yesterday with neem oil.

It looks like your plant has Dry berry so you need to spray a fungicide. Neem oil would not have done anything sorry. With the fungicide check with the label as there will be a withholding period that you will not be able to eat the fruit.
Dry berry likes warm wet humid conditions. You may need to look at putting on a fungicide next year if you think the conditions are going to favourable for dry berry so you do have fruit. But presently you do need to save your plant.


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