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Kiwifruit - Cocktail Kiwi FAQ

I purchased from Pacificer about 3-4 years ago a Cocktail Kiwi and so far we have no flowers so 'no fruit' - it has been feed well and has lovely healthy foliage on it could you please advise me what the problem might be - I saw Bonnie's (Pacificer) over the weekend and hers has been in for the same time and has lots of flowers on it and also a few last year.

The only thing I can think of is are you over feeding, or feeding to encourage foliage not flowers. Lay of the food and hopefully you will get flowers next spring. I can not think of anything else that would inhibit flowers. I have attached our info sheet for your interest.

Flowers but no fruit.
Good Morning
We have a Cocktail kiwifruit from your range (the male and the female) which is around 4.5 years old now but to date we havn't had any fruit. We planted it in the same warm sheltered location as a Tamarillo which has since done its dash and supplied well over a thousand tamarillos - the cocktail kiwi grows very well, looks healthy and we get flowers - but nothing else - the petals fall off and that’s it. I can't tell the difference between the male and female plants - I always prune it back.
Is there something I can do?
(My sister in law has a neighbour with a plant of a similar age with the same lack of results)
many thanks for any advice, Anne

Good morning Anne
You are getting flowers but no fruit. Firstly we need to identify if you have a male and female plants. And if you are getting flowers on both male and female plants.
I suggest you do not prune your plants this winter, identify that you do have two plants. Trace from the base of the two plants (mark with pink and blue ribbon or something similar), and follow each plant, tie ribbons on the ends of branches. So when the plant is in full leaf and flowering you are able to identify whether two plants are flowering and then identify if one is male and the other is female.
When it is concluded that you have a male and female flowering then it becomes a pollination issue and you will need to encourage bees into your garden.

I was so excited this year to suddenly get lots of flowers after many years of nothing...now I find that only one plant has set fruit! Do you always sell them as male and female in one pot? could the female one have died and just the male survived? should I prune back the male? will cuttings of the female work so that I have more female plants?
Help, what a shame I am so disappointed - Sarah

Do you mean that only one plant has flowered? If you have fruit this will only happen on the female plant the male is only for pollination.
If you have flowers on one plant, trace the plant back and label it male or female with the help of the attachment, the flowers are quite different.
Also make sure that there are two plants still alive, cats are known to rub themselves against the young plants and can kill the plant. They are attracted to them like catnip.
These plants do take about 3-4 years to flower and fruit.
With respect to pruning, once the male has pollinated the female flowers he can be pruned back. Remember that the flowers are borne on last years wood.

It is Fruiting
To all at Incredible Edibles - Don't need anything - and have no recipe at the moment - but wanted to let you know that my cocktail kiwi is producing for the first time!!! Quite a good crop to begin with - estimate about 100 fruit. This is my 3rd attempt to get this little darling established - has been worth the wait. This is this plants 2nd season so am most impressed with them. The fruit are delicious - certainly don't make it inside - just enjoyed straight off the vine.

Planted against a 6ft corrugated iron fence - so warmer and more protected than the last attempt - which was full sun but got more wind.

Thank you Kim for your email, it is wonderful to hear successes. You say it is your third attempt. Is there anything you did differently this third time? Anything we can pass onto our Cocktail Kiwi growers?


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