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Olives Recipes

Pickling Olives #2


6 litres of water
600g of non-iodised salt and
600mls of red wine vinegar.


Harvest ripe olives and pick over carefully to discard damaged fruit.
To remove the bitterness place the fruit in cold water and leave them for 10-14 days, never longer. The water becomes dark and scummy so needs to be changed daily.
Mix up a brine with water and, salt and red wine vinegar.
Bring the water to boil, drop in the olives, bring back to boil quickly so boil for a full minute. Drain out olives.
Remove brine from heat and stir in salt and vinegar – cool. Rinse olives in cold water and place in sterilised jars. Pour cooled brine over olives to come just below top of jar. Seal.
Store in a cool room for at least 3 months.


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