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Kiwifruit - Cocktail Kiwi

(Note: This plant is no longer produced by incredible edibles® due to PSA.)
The shiny green fruit is smooth skinned and the size of a table grape. When cut open it is identical to the traditional kiwifruit with it’s sweet emerald green flesh.

Habit - A fascinating plant with attractive glistening foliage turning a rich golden colour in autumn and going deciduous in winter with fragrant white flowers in spring. In the forests where it is native, it is a climbing vine (liana), sometimes climbing one hundred metres.

Size - Can grow several metres up structures 20-25m.

Pollination - Plants are supplied with one male and one female plant per pot, so will need to be purchased as a pair to pollination.

Harvest - February and March. It will take 3-4 years for this plant to fruit.

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