Autumn - Harvest
... To all avid fruit gardeners

2015 and already heading into the 2nd quarter. What a wonderful summer we have had, once the switch was turned on!

Our cooler and wetter spring resulted in our berryfruit maturing late. It will be interesting to see when the different varieties of autumn fruits mature compared to previous years.

There seem to be plenty of Feijoa, Guavas, Chilean Guavas and Cranberries. I have noticed fruit dropping, especially apples pre-maturely because it has been so dry. If I had mulched my trees in winter or spring this would have helped.

Enjoy your garden and reap its rewards.

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Grind your own Beans
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Fiona's News - 'Our First Home'
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Fruits to Harvest
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Apples & Rhubarb
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Mouth Watering 'Apple & Rhubarb' Recipe
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Flu Fighters
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Chilean Guava
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Guided tours of incredible edibles® Garden
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Grind your own Beans!

This ideal houseplant, Coffea arabica quickly forms a handsome, dark glossy green, pyramidal shaped plant which will enhance any décor. Easy to care for, the coffee plant will tolerate periods of dryness (as my own plant will attest) and still survive and even keep on growing.

However if you are generous with the water and an occasional liquid feed, your Coffee plant will reward you with jasmine-scented flowers in autumn, and green berries over winter which ripen to red in time for Christmas.

Just think, each year from here on in, Mum will remember the year you gave her a Coffee plant, because every Mothers Day, the scent of jasmine will be fading along with the flowers, to form the basis of the freshest coffee ever - straight from her own plant!

Roasting Coffee from your beautiful plant Coffee from your own Beautiful Coffee Plant

Follow the process on the above link to make your own coffee from your own beans

  • Collect ripe red berries
  • Soak berries in water
  • Remove the beans
  • Dry the beans
  • Roast the beans to your desired coffee strength
  • Grind your beans
  • Drink - ummmmmmmm

Fiona's News

'Our First Home'

TV1 - 7.30pm Sun, Mon & Tues

Follow the development of three families helping their children buy their first home. Look out for our plants early March.

Fruits to Harvest - March, April, May

KiwiApples Little Rascal™, Teacher's Pet™
Avocado Reed
Blueberry Centurion, Muffin™
Cape Gooseberry  
Chilean Guava  
Cranberry Bergman, Crowley
Feijoa Apollo, Den's Choice, Golden Goose, Kakapo, Pounamu, Unique
Fig Brown Turkey, Brunoro Black, Candy, Mrs Williams, Petrovicha,Vlassoff and Athenree Dark
Grape Albany Surprise, Candice Seedless, Lakemont Seedless, Niagara, Schuyler
Kiwifruit Cocktail, Green
Olives Ascalano, El Greco, Frantoio, J5, Koroneiki, Leccino, Manzanillo, Pendolino, Picual
Passionfruit Black Beauty, Giant Granadilla, Red Banana, Sweet Granadilla
Pepino Blush™, El Camino, Ruby™
Pomegranate Granatum, Wonderful
Strawberry Temptation™

Apples & Rhubarb!!!

  • Autumn Treat
  • Winter Feast
  • Pie, crumble, stewed and cobbler
  • A perfect match KiwiApple 'Teacher's Pet™' and Rhubarb Winter's Wonder
  • Teacher's Pet™ and 'Little Rascal™' - lunch box treats

KiwiApple Apples™

  • Fresh, fresh, fresh! Crops in Autumn.
  • Dwarf apple with an abundance of fruit.
  • On improved dwarf rootstock that is resistant to woolly apple aphid and phytopthora (root rot).
  • 'Apple a day keeps the doctor away', nutritious especially the skin.
  • Bred in New Zealand for New Zealand.

Click here to find out more about KiwiApples

Rhubarb Winter's Wonder

  • Cold tolerant rhubarb
  • Stunning large green stems in summer and red in winter.
  • Dense foliage therefore ideal for wind prone areas.
  • Pick all year round and great in winter.

Click here to find out more about Rhubarb

Mouth Watering Apple & Rhubarb Pie Recipe

200g flour
50g sugar
100g butter cubed
1 egg yolk
A little water
Mix the flour, sugar and butter together in a food processor or crumble the butter in the flour and sugar using your fingers. Mix in the water to form dough. Chill. Once cold, roll out and line your 25cm pie dish. Chill again. Roll out remaining dough for the top.

500g Rhubarb stalks, cleaned & cut into 5cm lengths
200ml water
1tsp lemon juice
150gm sugar
Bring water, sugar and lemon juice to boil. Add rhubarb and just cook, but not falling apart, about 2 mins. Drain and cool.

500g of apple pieces, cored, peeled and sliced
1tsp cinnamon
3tbsp brown sugar
Mix together and add to drained Rhubarb fruit.
Place in pie dish. Cut strips from the remaining dough and form a lattice pattern. Place on top of pie and seal to pastry base.
Bake in a preheated oven 200°C for 45 minutes or until golden brown.
Serve with whipped cream.

Share with us your favourite recipe or gardening story. Email me on

'Flu Fighters!'


  • High vitamin C content to keep winter chills away.
    More vitamin C per 100gms than citrus.
  • Aromatic juicy fruit ripening between April to June.
  • A healthy lunchbox snack for young and old.
  • Eat fresh or make into jellies, sauces, preserves, drinks and chutney.
  • The delicate flowers, attractive foliage and peeling bark add to this stunning plant.
  • Containerised, espaliered, hedged, specimen. Limited only by your imagination.
  • Self fertile and producing heavy crops.

Click here to find out more about Guava Cherry


1 kg guava fruit, varying degrees of ripeness
1/4 cup water sugar

Boil fruit to soften. Strain thru jelly bag over night.
For every cup of juice, add 1 cup of sugar. Boil vigorously until jelly gives setting test.
Pack and seal.

Chilean Guava

  • Heavenly scented dark red berries having an intense aromatic flavour and aroma.
  • An ideal grazing food for the young and old.
  • A delight for any garden in a pot, topiary or as an attractive evergreen hedge.
  • Grow your own 'Sherbet Bombs.'

Click here to find out more about Chilean Guava

  • Great alternative to the Box Hedge
  • Edible Hedge
  • Also known as NZ Cranberry
  • Is not a Cranberry
  • Belongs to Myrtaceae family with feijoa, Guava Cherry & Tropical Guava
  • Birds do not eat
  • Frost hardy

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