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Berryfruit - Blackberry FAQ

My blackberries fruit prolifically, and I love how I don't need to worry about the birds, - they just ignore them. The attached photo shows what's happened to quite a few of them, - pink blobs, instead of all black juicy blobs!! Can you tell me what the problem is please.

We did not know what has caused this on your blackberry plant so I contacted a person from Plant & Food Research to help me and they have come back with the following information. Seems a little strange. ‘The pinkie druplets look like sunburn effects to me. What happens is that as fruit start to turn black you often get laterals changing position because of the weight and as they get new exposure, are prone to sunburn. It can be made worse by dew acting as a magnifying glass effect as well.’

I already have strawberries and loganberries so decided to buy your Thornless blackberries. The plant did well and the fruit was just okay but I know that it often tastes really good from the second year onwards. However the plant has gone feral and is in danger of going under the fence to my neighbours and shoots are coming up everywhere. I'm going to have to dig it out and spray new shoots with roundup. How come you didn't think of this problem?

Thank you for your email. As with all brambles they will become feral if they are not given a structure to grow on and the canes are not kept off the ground as they will root and create another plant. They need to be regularly tied to structure to make sure they do not take off next door. This happens in the wild with the thorny blackberry growing on the side of the road, spreads and spreads. When you say it is sending up shoots everywhere are these coming from canes touching the ground and setting roots themselves or straight out of the ground.

Before I completely eliminate my "Black Satin" blackberry plant I am wondering if there is anything else I can do to improve on the flavour of the fruit. I must say I am very disappointed with the flavour of the fruit which at no stage could be called sweet. Perhaps I have planted the wrong variety to obtain a sweet fruit like the wild blackberry. I have endeavoured to grow the plant as per the instructions. Thank you in anticipation.

Unfortunately with some plants and this is the case with the wild ones they will have more intense flavour. Breeding work is carried out to improve berryfruit varieties and Black Satin was released on the market due to the keeping abilities of the fruit and the thornless habit more so than it’s similarities in flavour to the wild one. I suggest you give it plenty of organic matter as mulch making sure the plant gets all the nutrients it requires. I am sorry you are unhappy with this plant.


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