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Raspberry FAQ

I’m planting a berry delight and a raspberry (Waiau), how far apart should I plant them? ie How wide and high are they likely to grow?

Berry Delight needs to be grown on wires to roughly 2 metres high. Raspberry Waiau can be planted against wires also which will help stop them falling over but they do not grow along the wires as the Berry Delight which is a bramble. With the Raspberry you do need to control the suckers which raspberries are good at. This can be easily done with mowing the suckers so plant with a mowing strip. Waiau will grow about 1.5m high.

Help! Two seasons ago I planted two raspberry plants and in their first season gathered some lovely fruit..I lightly pruned these in the autumn. As there was insufficient fruit at any one time to be useful I planted two more plants in the spring. All the plants grew very well but there was no fruit on the first two plants and only a handful on the second two. What did I do wrong? I would be very grateful for some advise as to what to do now.
Thank you, Lynn

Hi Lynn
We grow several varieties of Raspberries and they are pruned slightly different.
The varieties Waiau and Ebony are summer fruiting raspberries.
New canes appear in spring and these should be tied up. Previous fruited canes are cut back to base. At the end of winter cut off arching tips leaving 15cm above top wire. These canes will fruit in summer and a new set of canes will arise from base. Once a cane has fruited cut off at base and tie new canes in place. Remove any suckering growth between rows and any weak or diseased canes.
The varieties Aspiring and Ivory are dual croppers, fruiting in summer and again in autumn. Treat them the same as the above raspberries but leave the canes un-pruned until after their second crop.
I hope this helps and you can look forward to many bowlfuls of soft delicate raspberries – food of the gods.


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