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Guava - Cherry FAQ

I have three of the Red Cherry guava's that I have planted this year and I notice on two of them - which I bought separately from the third I might add - there is brown staining on the leaves. Is this normal or is this something that needs action of some sort?

This spotting is quite natural. The new leaves will be fine. This spotting is caused by the cold and/or frost.

I was wondering if you could help me. I have a red berry guava that is probably around 20 years old. Some of the fruit, on sections of the tree, over the last two seasons has had a rust/scale type brown coating and the inside of the fruit appears almost dry. This skin is rather hard not soft, juicy and plump like a normal guava. The leaves and branches appear to be fine.

Is there a silvery appearance on the top of the leaves? This shows that the plant is affected with Thrips and needs spraying.
Otherwise we are not sure. A photo might help but I have looked in our books and guavas do not seem to be affected with many pests and diseases.

Frost affecting ripening of fruit?
We have purchased a red guava as we live in Christchurch, Sth Island and understand it is frost tolerant. Our bush has lots of fruit on it this year (2nd year and first fruit) but they are still hard and green. Last night we had a frost to -1oC. Do we take the fruit off and bring it inside to ripen or just leave them alone and will they ripen later? We have a frost cover over the bush. I'd appreciate your advice.

As long as your fruit does not freeze it should ripen. Protect with frost cloth as you are doing removing in the day so the sun can ripen the fruit. The plant can handle down to -5 degrees but I am not sure about the fruit. If your plant is in a pot keep in a warm sheltered position of the garden, cover with frost cloth at night. It would properly help if the frost cloth was not touching the plant.
Let me know how your fruit ripens as I have not been asked this question before and have been unable to find any information on the net.

Our Guava Red Cherry is not ripening, it is turning into hard little marbles. Can you please tell us what is wrong and how we can fix it?

We have had this in the stock garden and we are spraying anti-fungals with success. It appears to be related to heavy rain conditions at time of fruit set. Affected fruit will not come right and will drop off but the spraying has cleared the problem from the younger fruit.
We did reactive spraying but if it was wet and muggy it wouldn’t hurt to be proactive. Increase ventilation…cut back close growing unwanted foliage or plants and opening up the canopy as this could be contributing to good fungal proliferation.


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