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Currant - Red FAQ

Leaves going white.
Early last spring I bought a couple of your red currant plants at my local mitre 10. Both of them have grown reasonably well and one bore a cluster of fruit last year. However, this year, I noticed that one of the plants is growing strange looking leaves: they are very pale (almost white)with deep green veins. The neighbouring plant grows normal green leaves. i have shown a sample of the leaves to at my local garden centre but no one knew what causes this. Would you have any idea. what this could be?
Obviously, I would like to avoid the neighbouring plant being affected if it is some form of virus so I am keen to find out about he source of this. Your help would be very much appreciated.

Good afternoon Kathrin
We have discussed your problem and we think it could be the Currant Clearwing, which is an insect where the larva eats out the pith of canes leaving a tunnel which turns black. Some areas of New Zealand are more prone to this insect than others. It is very hard to treat as the larva is in the stem but you can spray with an appropriate insecticide as a preventative. This will stop the other plant from getting this pest. We are not 100% sure without seeing the plants. I hope this helps you.


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