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DoubleUP™ - Potato Tom™ FAQ

First despatch of Potato Tom™ to our north island customers was last week 23rd September.

Despatching to the south island is happening this week 1st October so in store later this week. Order now at your local garden centre.

Check out this link, the UK are releasing Tom Tato next spring.
Amazing that two sides of the world are releasing this plant unknown to each other.

In Go Gardener Magazine I read about the Potato Tom and wrote enthusiastically about it on my Facebook as well as my blog. I got very negative reactions as it appears that this "plant" is genetically modified by CEE FUSION. To be honest... after that I also found info through the internet that this is the case. In your FAQ you mention "Our plants are not Genetically Modified. They are not organic; on our scale this is not viable" Please tell me the truth about this product, I would never buy it knowing it's genetically manipulated.

I am surprised at the reaction you have found as all the media release, our website and magazine advertising all say that this plant is grafted. We have made a point of this as there is a small amount of people out there that jump the gun and think the unusual is GE modified! This is not the case.
They are grafted together as they come from the same family Solanaceae and are compatible. Sorry I have not heard of CEE Fusion so have no idea what it is. I hope Herma that this explains about Potato Tom and you feel better and more comfortable about this plant. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Can I take some of the potatoes off for my Christmas dinner?

This is called Bandicooting, where you take a few potatoes at a time from a plant instead of digging the whole plant up.
We suggest you do not do this as it will be disturbing the roots of the plant and could affect the growth and production of the tomato plant.

Do tomatoes taste like potatoes and potatoes taste like tomatoes?

There is no mix of the flavours. The potatoes will be and taste of Agria potato. The tomato will be and taste of Gardeners Delight tomato.

Here is one of our plants growing in a pot/container. This plant is ideal for the non-garden unit/flat. Everyone can have a vegie garden.
This photo was taken 3rd September 2013.

Here is the same plant on the 16th September. Both tomato and potato are growing strongly.

2nd October 2013
Here is a photo of our Potato Tom™. Growing so well.

Here is a photo of the graft on our Potato Tom™

Can I mound up my plant like I normally would with my potato plants to encourage more potatoes to grow?

It is not recommended to mound your potato as this will cover the graft which could result in soil and water getting into the graft and rotting it.
With the trials we have done 4kg of potatoes have been taken from one plant and this is without mounding. True the potatoes are not harvested until autumn so the potatoes are large.


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